WorkCover Claim Lawyer in Brisbane

Brisbane WorkCover Claim Solicitors

Under WorkCover Queensland, almost anyone injured in a workplace incident can file a claim to collect benefits. If the circumstances surrounding a work related injury or death falls into one of the following categories, victims or victim’s family members may be able to collect benefits.

  • Workplace incident resulting in death (expect those caused by electricity)
  • Work accident resulting in an injury or illness requiring immediate treatment and admittance to a hospital
  • Workplace incident exposing worker (or any other person) to a serious risk of personal health or safety emanating from exposure to a dangerous electrical event
  • Injury or illness resulting in an infection attributed to type or nature of work

WorkCover Claim Lawyer in Brisbane

If you suffered an injury while at work and you do not fall into one of the categories above, you should still consult a dedicated WorkCover claim solicitor at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group. After carefully reviewing your potential case, they can quickly tell you if filing a claim to collect benefits is possible. As a worker who was injured on the job, you may be able to obtain benefits for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Public or private hospital costs
  • Caring expenses
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Lost wages from the inability to work

WorkCover Claim Solicitors in Brisbane

If you tragically lost a loved one in a workplace accident, you may be entitled to compensation for the damages related to your devastating loss. Don’t delay speaking to a skilled WorkCover claim lawyer at Compensation Lawyers Group in Brisbane. The longer you wait to contact our law group the harder it may be to get financial compensation and ultimately, the funds you need to begin putting the pieces of your life back together after a tragic loss.

WorkCover Claim Lawyers in Brisbane

At Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group, the aggressive WorkCover claim solicitors we work with are advocates for injured workers and have a strong history of helping those harmed at work. Once you have sought medical treatment for you injury, they would like to talk to you as soon as possible to ensure all required paperwork is turned in correctly and on time. Let an ethical WorkCover claim lawyer in our group utilize their years of legal experience to ensure you are given the benefits you need to get back on your feet (if a full recovery is possible) and on with your life.

WorkCover Claim Solicitor in Brisbane

Please call (07) 3067 0687 to schedule a free case review with an experienced WorkCover claim solicitor at Brisbane Compensation Lawyers Group right away. Your call will be returned promptly and a friendly team member will schedule you a case review when it’s most convenient for you. Case reviews are private and confidential. All cases are represented on a no win, no fee basis.